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Spin For Perfect Skin Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

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A multi-head and function electric face and skin cleanser. 5 heads with two speeds to customise your skincare routine. It works effectively to remove dust, grease and cosmetic residue from the surface of your skin. Suitable for all skin types including normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin. 

  • Soft Nylon Hair Massage Brush: penetrates inside your pores to provide a deep clean without irritating your skin. Keeping skin clear helps prevent the development of acne. Using the exfoliating facial cleanser brush can also reduce the appearance of your acne scars as well as helping with the removal of blackheads and milia. The extremely thin and soft hair brush can deeply clean your pores and remove 99% of bacteria.
  • Facial Rolling Massage: a 360 degree rotating skin massage. Effectively promotes facial blood circulation to improve facial relaxation and reduce wrinkles. It helps to bring oxygen to your face, which is a natural form of anti aging skin care in itself, providing you with a healthy and natural glow. Can also be used with essential oils and water to promote skin absorption.
  • Latex Sponge Brush: fit to eliminate eyes and cheek fatigue. 
  • Makeup Sponge Brush: can be used with a cleanser to remove grease and massage and clean your skin.
  • Crude polish accessory: to break off tough skin. Can also be used on your feet in the shower for silky smooth results.

*Requires AA batteries* (Not included).

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