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Marvie Beauty

100g Professional Hard Wax Beans

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Chocolate 100g
Honey 100g
Aloe vera 100g
Rose 100g
Chamomile 100g
Blackcurrant 100g
Lavender 100g
Strawberry 100g
Tea tree 100g
Cream 100g
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100g professional hard wax beans. Enjoy silky smooth skin for weeks. This hard wax will remove 99% of body hair safely and in one go. Become free from all unwanted hair, from stubborn coarse hair to the finest fuzz. Waxing has never been so gentle and easy to use.

Salon quality hair removal for all body areas. These wax beans are suitable for all body parts. Including bikini area, back, legs, arms, face, armpits, eyebrows, beard and more! Leaving your skin soft and glowing.

100% natural Brazilian waxing ingredients: The new generation wax formula provides gentle and soothing hair removal experience making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin and body areas. Stop wasting time with painful waxing strips or razors and get rid of all your unwanted hair, evenly, from the roots.

The wax beans have a low-temperature melting point which means it will never need to get hot enough to burn your skin.

Wax warming requires the Marvie Pro-Wax wax heater which is sold separately. It is highly recommended to purchase the wax heater instead of warming the wax using an alternative method. Hair removal wax hardens in seconds once removed from heat. The wax warmer allows you to maintain an ideal wax temperature and have it by your side while waxing.


  1. Heat the wax beans in the wax warmer and stir with a spatula until completely melted.
  2. Turn the heat down to medium to maintain an ideal consistency and temperature.
  3. Spread the wax on the desired area AGAINST the direction of the hair growth (Make sure the wax is not too hot!).
  4. Wait a short period of time for the wax to harden and then tear off the wax from your skin, against the direction of hair growth, while holding the skin firmly.