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Marvie Beauty

Facial Steamer

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The Marvie Beauty Facial Steamer is compact and convenient! Upgrade your skincare game and take the luxury spa experience into your own hands!

Lightly steaming your face can soften your skin, open up your pores and melt any buildup, dirt or oils, making them easier to remove!

Steam is great for opening up your pores. This means that all your cleansers and moisturizers will sink in and do their job properly! The Marvie Beauty Facial Cleanser is a true game-changer. Especially for those who experience clogged pores and breakouts!

Our Facial Steamer uses nano-ionic technology to deliver extremely fine steam particles to cleanse and hydrate your skin. It remains at the perfect temperature and will never overheat or burn your skin. Add the Facial Steamer to your skincare routine and maintain the correct PH balance and temperature of your skin for maximum health!


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